When I was 18 and moving out of my parents' house for the first time, I told everyone that asked where I saw myself in five years that I imagined I'd be a broke, chain-smoking, studio apartment dwelling freelance writer.

I was wrong. 

It took more than the five years I anticipated to find my way back to the vaguely hopeless dreams of my late teens.

But now I'm a broke, formerly coffee making, table serving, San Francisco dwelling freelance writer.

I tend to write the most about coffee, hospitality and general food/beverage, but don't be surprised to see lots of words from me about the ocean, Star Trek, and the significance of near-death experiences.

If you're interested in talking to me, email me at beth.m.hargrove@gmail.com.

If you're interested in seeing my short-form jokes, follow me on twitter @B_Harg.

If you're interested in stalking me without talking, follow my Instagram @bethany1.0.


Website is still under construction, bear with me.